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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Passive Aggression at Work

This story was posted on 9/16/09 by Yama Nusraty on She writes:

In my work experience, I have to deal with what has to be the most worthless courtesy clerks ever to be employed by Safeway. Courtesy clerk is the name given to the entry level position which limits the responsibilities of the employee to the most basic of duties (cleaning, bringing back grocery carts and helping customers). One courtesy clerk in particular takes the ticket. I'll call him Randy. A typical workday for Randy consists of him clocking in 5-10 minutes late, walking around the store aimlessly for the entire shift, and then clocking out 5-10 minutes early. My last work shift, I thought it would be wise to show Randy what real work was all about, so I found 4 different dairy products that were out of date and asked Randy to throw them away. Since the product was outdated, Randy had to go through all other similar products on the shelf to see if they too were outdated. Later that evening, I brought in a grocery cart from outside and started to fill random groceries in it. When the cart was filled to an ample amount, I handed Randy the cart and told him a customer forgot his wallet and didn't want to buy the groceries anymore. Randy was forced to put the items away. By the end of the day Randy earned his paycheck.

Any readers have their own examples of passive aggression in the workplace? Please share here...


  1. 333 A definite case of passive aggression. In reality it's passive agression in that he is being intentionally inefficient in a way and she is passively getting back at him.
    A similar story happened to me in that my room mate would always claim thathe ddn't have to help that much in th weekly room cleanup as his part of the room he claimed was always kept tidy. My room mates and I decided to make sure that all changed one week as we set about 'redecorating' his part of the room with pencil sharpenings, papers, wrappers and general garbage. That week he definitly had his part of the room to tidy!!

  2. I wonder why Randy still works there if he doesn't do anything? My work story deals with intentional inefficiency. Most of the time the tasks I'm asked to complete at my job are fun/challenging. There are some cases though when I'm asked to complete a task that is very mundane so I always work slower than normal so I never fully complete the task by the time my shift ends. I find myself being asked to complete the tasks that are beneath my skill level less and less.