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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

John & Kate & a lot of Hate

So, do you think John Gosselin's being a little bit passive aggressive these days? Calling a 90-day halt to the divorce proceedings and draining the joint bank account right after he gets cut out of the TV show?

How about Kate's PA behavior--making the rounds of the TV talk shows, badmouthing John, while claiming that she's "only stating the facts..." and "just doing it so that her kids know the truth."

Is Kate a great example of the type of personality that elicits passive aggressive behavior from others? In older episodes, do you recall seeing John's passive aggression?

Share examples from episodes here...

1 comment:

  1. No i definitely do not think that this elicits a passive aggressive personality but more passive aggressive behavior because this is situational and not over a lifetime. The stress of a relationship can cause a few passive aggressive things to take place in normal settings, so a marriage with eight children that is broadcast on tv would bring up even more issues. This is just her way of dealing with a broken marriage and divorce.

    In my family my girlfriend works as a surgical resident and has crazy hours at work. We have two children between us and everyday is pretty stressful. The more that she works and is away from the house the more problems that we seem to go through. The passive aggressive tendencies that Kate went is going through sometimes feel like my life in that sometimes the situation makes you mad not the person so much. Even though Kate's situation is vastly different than mine it still speaks to outside sources impacting the internal dwellings of one's life.