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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A Game Changer for Cyberbullies

Check out this story featured on The Today Show:

I happened to be watching this morning during the chaos of getting my daughters ready for school.  We all put down our breakfast spoons to listen to what Ally had to say and to hear how she responded with courage and strength to this painful and public humiliation.  Nothing my girls will learn in school today will compare with this great, real-life example of taking time to feel your feelings and then using them to propel you to action.  In Ally's case, she did exactly what all the bullying experts advise--she took action quickly and courageously and stood up for herself in an assertive way.  Reporter Jeff Rosen calls her courage a game changer--I can only hope that both those who cowardly bully others and those who bravely stand up to mean kids will hear her experience and be moved by it.

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1 comment:

  1. I actually wrote a cease & desist letter to an eighth grader who was bothering my son on the bus and it worked. I just wrote a simple hand-written note that his behavior towards my son was unacceptable, but if it stopped immediately, no further action would be necessary. However, if he intended to continue, it would have to be reported to the school administration and his parents would probably be notified by the school. Guess he believe me because my son reported that the kid hasn't bothered him since.